Building solid wood doors since 1947.

Trim & Moulding

Every solid wood door needs trim and moulding that complements your home. Madawaska Door & Trim provides custom casings around windows and doors, as well as baseboards, wainscotting, and quarter-round. Basically, any interior and exterior custom profiles or designs – you name it, we can make it!

Get it all from one place

At Madawaska Door & Trim, we pride ourselves in the fact we can handle ANY custom trim and moulding order. With over 40 years under our belt milling trim and moulding, Madawaska’s craftsmen and women use tried and true methods as well as modern techniques to provide you with the highest quality product.

Madawaska Door & Trim has expanded to encompass more than simply door casings. We can create anything you see, all in custom solid wood. From wainscotting to coffered ceilings to modern feature walls, all of our trims and mouldings are created from matching materials and finished with factory-applied finishes.

To ensure your trim and moulding encaptures the design and style of your custom solid wood door, we take great pains to ensure that your order and selected wood species all come from the same forest. This means the colour tone, mineral content and grain design will all match with your interior doors and exterior wood door.

The materials and lumber we use must adhere to our high environmental standards. Our wood is renewable, reusable, recyclable and biodegradable. There’s zero formaldehyde in our glue and we utilize every heap of sawdust and scrap of leftover wood to heat our facility.

Examples of some of our most popular mouldings

When matching wood for your door or window casing – we are often able to match material from the same forest! When the colour and grain of the wood have to match – it makes sense to get all of your millwork created from the same stock of material.

Historical Accuracy

Whether you found a unique design online or want to recreate the trim and moulding from a home in the eighteen hundreds, we can do it! 

We can manufacture ANY profile that our customers provide us with. As long as you deliver some form of reference (drawing, sample), we can recreate it. We simply send the patterns to our knife carving specialist and they’ll build us a set of custom cutting knives/blades that will allow us to create as much custom trim as you need!


Ready to Work With Us?

We’d love to start a conversation with you. Whether you’ve got questions, ideas, or ready to start building, fill out your name, email and message. We’ll respond to you as soon as possible.
100% Customization

Have an idea of how you want your trim and moulding designed? From the wood species, profile, to the size, we can make your design a reality by offering full custom trim and moulding.

Extensive Experience

Our trim and moulding process has been developed and fined tuned with over 40 years of experience in this area. We know our stuff – ask us anything!

Historical Recreations

We can bring a piece of history to life! Whether it’s a CAD drawing, 3D file or original sample, our experts can recreate any existing trim and moulding you throw our way.

Our Process

Custom trim and mouldings built just for you – faster and easier than you think!

Getting Started

The customer, builder or architect requests a quote and gives us a simple explanation of what you’re looking for. From there, we reach out and provide examples of existing trims and mouldings. If you’re making a custom request, we’ll need either a CAD drawing, 3D file or sample sent to us.


Then, we convert all the specified requirements into a 3D file and sent it to you for approval. Once approved, we send it to our shop as a cut sheet. The wood species is selected and pieces selected and trimmed to the needed sizes. The wood is then sent through our 6-sided moulding machine and hand sanded.


Finally, the trims and mouldings will be quality control tested to ensure we’re sending every client a quality product. Once it meets our approval, we apply a factory-finish and go through one last quality control review. The trim and moulding is then shipped to you – anywhere in the world!