Understanding Wood

July 12, 2019

When conceptualizing your new Madawaska Door, it’s crucial that you have a basic understanding of the wood you’re choosing. Whether you’ve chosen an exterior entry door or interior passage door, there are many variables to consider when gathering information and making material choices.

Colour, Grain and Texture Variation

Natural solid wood is widely held at the highest standard; being recognized as the preferred material for manufacturing distinctive doors. But, what makes up the differences in wood species?

Wood is like a durable snowflake. Each species of wood grows with its own individual traits and natural conditions, every piece of wood is unique, each piece of lumber different. Even lumber from trees that grew together side by side, or even lumber from the same tree can vary significantly in colour, grain and texture. Every selected wood species is defined by a variety of colours, grains and textures, which is due in large part to variability in climate, soil chemistry and local growing conditions.

A tree’s colour, grain and texture reflect the beauty of Mother Nature. With that being said, we can not warranty that any product will exactly match a sample because it’s out of our control. If you’re looking for consistency, and an exact match from door to door, a painted finish out of something like poplar will give you the best results.

Colour Blending

To maintain consistency with the colour variation of each wood species, we apply a colour blending method. We hand match wood strips during our production process to reduce the impact of inconsistencies.

When considering your wood species, Red Oak and Clear Pine wood species have the least degree of colour variation while Western Red Cedar, Black Walnut and Yellow Poplar have the most. It’s all up to the customer’s taste and style.

Craftsmen and collectors alike need to understand the wood their crafting. Some may think the design is the life of the door but in reality, it’s the wood. Madawaska Door & Trim uses only the highest quality of wood species and crafts them into their own unique masterpieces. Request a wood sample today and see for yourself.