How Much Does A Custom Solid Wood Door Cost?

September 2, 2021

Many homeowners are intrigued by the idea of a magnificent custom solid wood door to grace their entryway. But the burning question most people have is: “how much does a custom solid wood door cost?”

You see, not all wood doors are alike. When it comes to true custom solid wood doors, each one is handmade from solid premium select natural wood to the client’s very personal specifications. This exacting process, while pricey, creates a stunning door, which will be an elegant focal point for a custom entrance or interior doorway. 

What exactly goes into the manufacture of custom solid wood doors, and how does that affect their final cost? Let’s take a closer look.

Cost of Solid Wood Interior & Exterior Doors

So, how much does a custom solid wood door cost? A solid core wood door (interior only) starts at roughly $300 to $700. And a standard solid wood interior and exterior door starts at around $2,000 to $4,000.

But at the end of the day, the price all depends on the specifications of your solid wood door. The more unique the door is, the higher the cost. Our staff will work alongside you to determine your budget and help meet said budget. 

Here are important factors that attribute to the pricing of a solid wood door:

  1. The many hours of handwork by skilled artisans.
  2. The high cost of natural solid wood. Some woods are more expensive than others.
  3. The type of door. Is it interior or an entry door? Core or with glass panels?
  4. The sizing and custom design requirements.

It’s important to note we offer discounts for large door units or multiple doors purchased as well as a rebate program for contractors who purchase directly from Madawaska Doors.

Beware, companies often advertise their products as solid wood. If you read their material summary, you’ll discover they actually use a wood veneer glued onto a fiberboard core.

At Madawaska Doors, we don’t believe in cutting corners. We produce superbly designed, top-quality doors. Every one of our doors is custom made in Canada from carefully hand-selected 100% solid wood.

Our individual components are all handcrafted by skilled artisans and carefully assembled using a traditional mortise and tenon technique. Depending on the door’s style and size, production can take 40+ hours per door to build. 

In the end, it’s all worth it. This process adds enduring beauty and value to your home.

How Does Wood Selection Affect the Price?

Wood prices vary based on the current market, as well as whether the wood species is a softwood or a hardwood. For example, birch used to be very affordable, but pricing recently went up.

Here is an approximate guide to wood prices (subject to change as market conditions vary):

  1. Lowest Price Range: Knotty Pine, Hemlock, Poplar 
  2. Mid-Price Range: Birch, Ash, Cherry, Clear Pine, Fir, Maple, Red Oak 
  3. Premium Price Range: Mahogany, Cedar, White Oak, Walnut 

However, price is not generally the prime consideration when people select the type of wood for their custom door. Rather, we first collaborate with our clients to identify wood species that will work best in their local climate and are suitable for their purpose. We also discuss whether they plan to stain or paint the wood and what type of wood grain they would like.

Every Madawaska Door is a Premium Door

We use only premium select natural woods. Our doors are Canadian-made, completely handcrafted with mortise and tenon joinery. Special features we offer include distinctive designs, custom sizes, and custom glasswork.

Our team provides the complete package. Your unique door, custom-built unit to your specifications and fitted with premium hardware, pre-hung and shipped to you straight from our plant in Barry’s Bay, Ontario. We work directly with the client, the contractor, or the architect to design your very special Madawaska Door.

Get The Best Custom Solid Wood Door With Madawaska Doors

Are you in search of a one-of-a-kind solid wood door of the highest quality? Then a Madawaska Door is the ideal choice for you.

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