Environmental Stewardship

July 12, 2019

Environmental Stewardship

  • We are the “Gold” standard in “Green”
    • Wood is “Renewable, Reusable, Recyclable and Biodegradable”
    • Our solid wood doors are the most environmentally responsible choice available. There are no production toxic wastes and we use no formaldehydes in our glue.
    • Non-wood products require far more energy to manufacture – nine times as much to manufacture a steel stud than a wooden one, for example. Fibreglass doors have the added harmful impact of utilizing many toxic substances.
    • We compress our sawdust into briquettes for home heating, and our wood scrap is also bundled up and sold as firewood.  

Heat loss

  • Not only is wood a renewable resource, it is also the best insulator of all structural building materials. An inch of wood is 15 times as efficient an insulator as concrete, 400 times as efficient as steel and 1,770 times as efficient as aluminium.
  •  About 75% of heat loss occurs around a door, not through it. Our pre-hung system is marvellously engineered and is as good as anything available.
  •  For other 25%, “R Value” only measures heat loss through a substance. Thermographic analysis reveals steel and fibreglass doors lose considerable heat as the high conductivity of their outer shells transports heat around the core from your home to the outside. Solid wood doors don’t suffer this conductivity loss, which is why Thermographic evaluation shows better overall performance.
  • Homes built with wood require far less energy to heat and cool, which reduces the demand for fossil fuels. 
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